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Where are practices located?
U4 and U6 leagues practice and play at Veteran's Memorial Park in Millbury, Ohio. U8-U14 Leagues practice at Fireside Park in Millbury, with home games also played there.

My child has never played soccer before, can they still play?
Absolutely! We welcome beginners, even in U14. Notify your coach it's your child's first season, and they'll provide support.

I'm struggling to pay the registration fee, what can I do?
Contact the soccer board! We aim to help as many kids as possible and will work with you to find a solution.

What does the U mean? (U4, U6, U8, etc...)
The "U" stands for "under." Essentially, our U4 league caters to children under 4 years old, the U6 league to those under 6 years old, and so forth. It's important to note that, with the exception of U4, we determine the league based on the child's age as of January 1st. This ensures consistency, allowing your child to remain in the same league from the Spring to the Fall Season.

When does my child age up and can they play with the older age group?
Player transitions between leagues at the start of Spring season. For optimal development, we prefer allowing them to age up rather than promoting them early. Even if their skills merit advancement, letting them excel within their age group boosts confidence and fosters camaraderie with schoolmates. We do consider requests to move a child up if they have a sibling in the older age bracket.

My child is small for their age, can they play down or in the younger age group?
Although we empathize with the desire for every child to excel and enjoy the game, our governing body prohibits children from playing in lower age groups. However, rest assured that our coaches are dedicated to working with your child, and it's important to note that many successful players are on the smaller side. Your child will receive the support needed to thrive on the field.

What kind of equipment does my child need?
Shin guards are mandatory for all ages, and we request that children bring water to practice. Cleats are necessary for U8, U10, U12, & U14. U4, U6, & U8 use a size three soccer ball, and having one for practice is highly beneficial. U10 and U12 use a size four soccer ball, while U14 utilizes a size five soccer ball.

If my child is going to miss practice or a game, do I need to tell anyone?
Yes, please inform your child's coach promptly. Coaches plan practices in advance, and an uneven number of players may require adjustments. For game absences, coaches create line-ups for fair playing time and need time to ensure fairness.

How long is each game?
U4 - 9 minute halves
U6 - 8 minute quarters
U8 - 10 minute quarters
U10 - 12 minute quarters
U12 - 15 minute quarters
U14 - 30 minute halves or 15 minute quarters (decided by the coaches before the game starts)

Why can't I give my child advice/coaching from the sidelines?
While we understand the desire to support your child, our coaches work on specific skills or playing styles. Your guidance might differ, causing confusion and inaction by the player. Please leave coaching to the coach (though cheering is encouraged), and if interested, we are open to discussing your potential role as a coach.

I might want to coach but I have never done it before, will you still take me?
Yes! Start as an assistant coach, and we can pair you with a head coach. If you want to head coach, we provide drills and support for your first practice/games. You will need to complete required trainings and a background check.

How do you ensure your coaches are certified?
All coaches complete training through OSA, staying updated on Lindsay's Law, Concussion training, and Safe Sport training. They undergo a background check every two years.

I have a problem, who do I contact?
Begin by discussing the issue with your coach. If unresolved, contact our president. Formal complaints will require completion of a form for investigation.

Is Lake Soccer run by Lake Schools?
No, we are operated by community volunteers as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. While we collaborate with the school to inform families, we are separate entities.

Are there other ways to volunteer besides coaching?
You can become a referee (attend the refereeing class), assist in setting up fields, help repaint fields, or contribute as a team parent, aiding with communication.


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